Finer Purchase for the 5 Piece Nesting Dolls

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Nesting dolls of the 21st century are dolls depicting pop stars, politicians, animated or cinematic characters like Winnie the Pooh nesting dolls, caricatured and funny. Acquiring exclusive nesting dolls has become a fashionable and unusual hobby. Many make individual orders for the creation of dolls with images of all family members or a modest team. The technology has remained unchanged, but high-quality copies are becoming rare. Often, souvenir shops offer inexpensive dolls of average quality. To get a unique wooden doll, you have to go to the old-timers.

Let’s start with the fact that the doll is an ideal toy for a child. We even have a special article about it. The game develops motor skills, speech, attention, etc. In addition, this is not only an exciting activity, but also a joint pastime of a parent and a baby. Let’s start with the dimensions.

The size

So, before you decide to buy a doll for a child, you need to determine its size. And not only with him, but also with the number of places, that is, the number of dolls nested in each other. The fact is that these two parameters are interrelated – the bigger the doll in height and diameter, the more “daughters” can fit into it.

However, we do not recommend you to buy a toy made of wood 25 cm tall and higher – it is very heavy, it is still made of lime, and it may turn out to be too big for little hands of children. The best size in our opinion is the height in the region of 14-15 cm. In this nesting doll, there are usually 4-5 more sisters. It happens more, for example, this one has a height of only 14 cm, and has 9 pieces in it! But note that the last number of such a set is the size of a nail, and playing with such a toy is no longer safe for your baby. He may accidentally swallow it or stick it in the nose 🙂


Now a little about what is better to choose a picture: Dolls painted in floral patterns are the usual ones, but there are also subject dolls, i.e., stylized for some painting like Pale or Gel. Our opinion is this: if you have already decided to buy a Russian beauty with a floral pattern – take it cheaper, for example, such or such, since your child is unlikely to appreciate the height of artistic delights.

However, in addition to the flowers on 5 pieces Nesting dolls paint and heroes of various Russian fairy tales. For example, here is a turnip or Little Red Riding Hood. It is more interesting to play with such living toys, because in addition to the process of collection and analysis, the child is interested in a fairy tale. “Look, here is Dado, here is a turnip, pulls will pull – cannot pull. Grandfather called for help – whom? That’s right grandma – that’s grandma … “In our opinion, the purchase of toys with the plot may be preferable.

Ease of opening

One of the most important parameters when choosing a toy for your baby. After all, if he himself cannot open them, and will constantly ask his mother to do it, then the 5 piece Nesting dolls as a toy will in principle become useless. Therefore, when buying it is better not to be lazy and check all the dolls in the set to the last number.

But wood material is natural, alive and under the influence of moisture can shrink a little or, on the contrary, swell. This usually happens over time. Therefore, it may be a situation that after a certain period of time after the acquisition, any number in the kit will stop closing well – the upper part will be larger than the lower part and will not fit snugly together. It can happen and vice versa – one half will dry out and the halves will not connect in principle.

In the first case, you can try to put a big half on the battery or warm it with a hairdryer. Then it will “sit down” a little and will close tightly. If it does not help, you need to rub the inside of the half in the place where it comes into contact with the bottom of a regular candle. If this does not help, it is better to clean the joint with an emery paper and smear with wood putty, thus increasing an additional layer of material. After drying, the putty must be carefully cleaned with sandpaper.

If, for example, the upper half is shrunken and is not inserted into the lower one, then it can be simply bored with sandpaper or a round file.


Putting objects in their mouths, children will know the world. To fight this at first is useless, but necessary. And in the first place, of course, toys become such objects. And most likely your chosen beauty will not be an exception. And in this case, our recommendation is only one – avoid Russian dolls falling into the baby’s mouth. Let us tell you a terrible secret: to date, no nesting doll is made from food varnish wherever you buy it and whatever the seller tells you. And, yes, of course the child should play it, of course, under the supervision of the elders.

Cost of

We believe that taking an expensive 5 piece Nesting dolls does not make sense. Cheap is also not suitable, since they are all small in size up to 10 cm. Therefore, our choice is at a price in the region of 200-400 rubles. Remember, modern children are more interested in bright, modern Chinese flashers, tweeters, rather than educational toys and for a long time to play with it, it will not be anyway 🙁


So let’s summarize the list:

  • Size chooses from 14 to 16 cm – not small and not big and heavy, but something average.
  • It is better to take the nested doll with the plots of Russian fairy tales – Turnip, Kolovos, etc.
  • When buying, you need to check all the numbers to the last for ease of opening. A child with a 5 piece Nesting dolls should play only under the supervision of parents. Do not allow toys to enter the mouth!
  • Expensive to buy does not make sense. 200 – 400 rubles – the optimum.


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