Sister Bracelets Rock And Here’s Why

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If you like these stylish accessories, feel free to combine them with any sets of clothes. Today, in the trend are thin and voluminous models that can be worn both in the solo version and several pieces on one hand.

Men’s bracelets: a lot does not mean tasteless

This year, men can forget about the rules of wearing bracelets and, finally, start up all serious. No more restrictions from the category watch on one hand, bracelet on the other or no bracelets with business suits. Wear whatever you like. Combine jewelry as you want.

Today in the trend of men’s silver bracelet, reminiscent of the functional element of the watch. It is worth paying attention to the chain bracelets with voluminous weaving. Carry several models of silver on one hand, preferring the options of average thickness.

Wide leather Sister Bracelets should be postponed until better times, replacing one massive ornament with a set of several narrow bracelets. Today, a special chic is the combination of silver models with so-called baubles, which were hippies in the 80s.

Now, as the baubles are used bright bracelets, beads, leather laces with pendants and without, as well as concise rope models. In the trend and the option sailor’s knot which can be bought or made independently. It is permissible to combine on the one hand up to 3-5 thin ornaments of this style. And yes, now all these accessories can be freely carried along with watches and suits.

Tips for choosing men’s bracelets as a gift

  • Due to the variety of models, the girl will not have a question about what kind of silver bracelet to give to the guy. Please note that your chosen one usually wears, and choose jewelry by analogy.
  • Try to avoid massive items: give preference to chain bracelets with classic anchor, armor-clad or original designer weaving.
  • Before purchasing, determine the size of the jewelry: measure the wrist girth and add a couple of centimeters to the result.

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Women’s bracelets: multi-layered and unusual combinations

The fair sex has never suffered from severe restrictions on the choice and wearing bracelets. Unlike men, they were allowed almost any liberties: up to a combination of several large models with volumetric decorative inserts. In 2018, the permissiveness trend continued, with some half-forgotten trends back in fashion, like technology-inspired metallic bracelets.

So, again at the peak of popularity are thin women’s silver bracelets, which are proposed to be worn in several pieces. To create a multi-layered set, it is better to choose elegant chains with simple classic weaving and miniature pendants. One of the ornaments may have a chained addition with a ring on the finger.

The trend for large jewelry made of metal and semi-precious stones has been preserved. The colors of the inserts can be any, as long as the stones are in harmony with the clothes and accessories. Nobody has also canceled the rules for the selection of colors based on the color type: when choosing, it is worth matching the color of the jewelry with the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

Trends in women’s and men’s jewelry fashion in 2018 are very similar. Bracelets in the style of hippies, which have found many admirers among men, were included in the list of current ladies jewelry. Among the popular accessories were also products with lacing and metal fittings, wicker baubles made of rope, thread or leather, as well as models with Tiffany or Pandora style pendants.

Tips for choosing women’s bracelets as a gift

  • If you do not know which silver bracelet to give to girls, ask them directly. Ask the chosen one to look at the online jewelry store catalog and select several jewelry.
  • The bracelet should be combined with other decorations in style and color. Before buying, analyze the taste preferences of your darling so you can give the perfect bracelet gift for her.
  • If she’s the travel type of girl, go get her the infamous travel bracelets which come in silver too. This is a unique kind of travel bracelet because it’s the type which does not lose easily.

Silver Bracelet Types

To date, women’s silver bracelets are presented in a wide range and they differ in the following characteristics:

  • Sizes from 17 cm and above and mass thin, massive and products of average thickness and weight
  • The presence or absence of inserts, natural and artificial stones
  • The presence or absence of suspensions

In addition, bracelets can have a different weave. The most common types of weaving used by jewelers in the manufacture of such jewelry are anchor and armor-clad. Moreover, these two groups of weaves include subspecies, of which there are several dozen. Some varieties of weaving, with which you can create truly elegant and beautiful bracelets, are weaving Bismarck and pearl. No doubt you can give these as bracelet presents during Valentine’s day.

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Tips for choosing a silver bracelet

As for the choice of a silver bracelet, first of all, women and girls should be guided by their own taste. However, our advice on the correct choice of silver bracelets will not be superfluous.

  1. If the girl is the owner of a thin and elegant wrist, she can choose both massive bracelets and lightweight, almost weightless. If the wrists are wide, it is better to give preference to massive products, and women with an average wrist thickness can experiment with the width of the bracelet.
  2. Choose a silver bracelet for women should be in view of clothing, which she prefers. Thus, the products made in the classic jewelry technique are ideal for business attire and a silver bracelet with diamonds for an evening dress. For everyday wear, you can choose bracelets made according to the Pandora type with various cute pendants.
  3. Choose unique jewelry that can highlight personality and great taste.
  4. It is very important to buy products in good jewelry stores or online stores. Only in this case, you can be sure that the product you have bought is made of silver, without any tricks that unreliable manufacturers resort to. In particular, if you are interested in branded silver bracelets, your place can offer you quite a few shops, where they are represented in a wide range. For example, you can order branded bracelets and other jewelry in the online store, where you are waiting for very affordable prices.

5. Make sure the size of the bracelet fits you. Experts advise to choose bracelets, the length of which is one centimeter or one and a half longer than the volume of the wrist. In this case, the product will sit beautifully on your hand and will not cause inconvenience to the hostess.