The 10 Hottest Destinations of 2019 and The Recommended Outfits

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Disclaimer: reading this story in its entirety will incite major wanderlust. So before we begin, I highly suggest you do one (or all) of the following: Open up a Google Flights tab, locate your passport, and start requesting those PTO days because once you read about the following destinations we’re deeming the best vacation spots of the year, you won’t be able to resist planning a trip for yourself. Aside from just being cool places to travel in general, each of the below cities and resorts has been given its unofficial stamp of approval by the jet-setting fashion crowd.

From the colorful streets of Cartagena, Colombia, to the mountains in Big Sky, Montana, fashion girls have been packing their bags and jetting off to the following destinations more than ever this year. So even though that mountain town in Montana might seem random, it’s definitely a thing, seeing as dozens of stylish people are descending on it in 2019—and it’s the same story with nine more hot spots around the world.

To see where fashion people are traveling this year and what they’re wearing on vacation in each place, keep reading.

10. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is filled with temples, palaces, and gardens galore, making it a charming must-see on any trip to Japan. Our editor in chief, Kat, makes a case for its street style potential, too.

Style Tip: Channel Japan’s notoriously experimental fashion by mixing and matching prints to your heart’s content.

9. Big Sky, Montana

Montana, you say? A wintertime ski resort and summertime hiking spot, and popular stay for visits to Yellowstone National Park, there are a lot of reasons to embrace your outdoorsy side in Big Sky. Perhaps you’ll even run into one of the several celebrities who own vacation homes in the area.

Style Tip: Cozy thermals and lots of layers are the name of the game.

8. Cartagena, Colombia

Between the colonial buildings that look like someone took a crayon and colored them in to the charming cobblestone streets, Cartagena is, in a word, dreamy.

Style Tip: If “salsa dancing–worthy” were a scale upon which we could measure our clothes, this is how we’d pack for Cartagena.

7. Kommetjie, South Africa

Home away from home is the feel we get from looking at British fashion girl Lucy Williams’s photos from her South Africa trip. Endless stretches of beaches to chill out at and work on your tan lines await.

Style Tip: Leave your plain swimsuits at home and try one in a statement print or color instead.

6. Mykonos, Greece

With dozens of day clubs lining the beach (Lindsay Lohan’s among them), there’s nothing subdued about Mykonos, but that’s exactly why the fashion crowd loves it.

Style Tip: Insta-worthy animal prints, slime green, elevated thong sandals—break out your most on-trend pieces and don’t be afraid to wear them all at once. As we said, Mykonos is anything but subtle.

5. Antalya Kemer, Turkey

This rugged strip of coastline in Turkey is defined by its dramatic rock outcroppings and home to resort towns like this, though it’s on the opposite side of the Mediterranean from more overcrowded beaches in Italy and Spain, giving it (from what we can tell) a locals-only vibe.

Style Tip: Take a more glam approach to your resort wear by choosing party-ready details like bold prints and shiny lamé that feel OTT in the best way possible.

4. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Bali’s laid-back surfing village has tons of charm and character, making it the ultimate island destination for the fashion crowd.

Style Tip: Embrace kitschy surf culture via shell jewelry.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

With its candy-colored buildings and charming cobblestone streets, Lisbon is shaping up to be the next must-visit city in Europe. Previously it used to be seen as no more than a stopover to other countries, these days stylish jet-setters are touching down here—and staying.

Style Tip: For days spent dining at one of the city’s many sidewalk cafe’s, a flirty dress and some strappy sandals are in order.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

From desert camping and camelback riding to shopping the colorful marketplaces and taking in the architecture, there are dozens of reasons why more and more fashion girls are packing their bags for Marrakech this year.

Style Tip: It’s pretty hot year-round, so try keeping everything about your look minimal—especially when it comes to footwear. Barely there strappy sandals are the on-trend (and practical) choice.

1. Puglia, Italy

Italy? As a summer vacation spot? Groundbreaking. But while hot spots like the Tuscany and the Amalfi coast remain crowded as ever, the rugged and remote beaches along the heel of Italy’s boot in Puglia offer a surprisingly calm reprieve amid the stunning Mediterranean escape.

Style Tip: Blend into the sun-drenched stucco walls when you opt for neutral tones like cream and beige.